Why I wrote this book
I wanted to write a list of our favorite places on Hawai`i Island for a long time. Friends who planned to visit The Big Island knew we had been going there for many years and asked for advice on where to go, what to see and where to eat. Our answers have always been pretty much piecemeal and raggedly incomplete. I don't know if anyone ever found anything.

Finally, I had an incentive to place keyboard under hand and share those places we had found over and over to be unique, delightful and interesting. This summer (2011) my brother and his wife will visit Hawai`i Island. They are planning to stay in Kona, but hopefully will venture out of the city and go north to see what the north end of the island offers. If not, then you have a chance to benefit by this effort, and revel in their loss. So this is for Bob and for all the others who want just a little more out of their Hawaiian experience than some fun in the sun.

The BIG Island
Discovering Hawaii Island's
Historic and Scenic Places