From sea level in Kona and the valley floor of Wiapio, to the snowy top of the largest mountain in the world, this guide provides the insight and information necessary to explore Hawaii Island at your own pace while selecting sites that match your interest.

There is a special focus placed on the history of Hawaii, because it is here that you can walk where the Polynesians walked before Captain Cook visited in 1778. See the birthplace of the King that united the Hawaiian Islands and the grave of the Hawaiian who pleaded with the missionaries to come and help his people.

Hike to two beautiful valleys on the north end or visit one of the largest cattle ranches in the USA. There are churches and markets, restaurants and a special place to snorkel.

Included is what I call the "Hawaii Island Primer" to help you appreciate The language, the history and even the confusing Hawaiian names for fish.

The BIG Island
Discovering Hawaii Island's
Historic and Scenic Places