Why I wrote this book
It was the fall of 2013 and I started to prepare for something to do when we went to The Villages, Florida for our winter retreat. My writing had gone well as I had captured one of the most interesting segments of my life in the book on Vietnam.

Somehow, a foggy vision of writing about our time at the annual Camp Clark with our three oldest grandsons took the vision of a Children's book. I could write a book that they could read at their literary development stage. They would be the main characters. My vision of a children's book was simplicity itself. I thought it just a regular story where simpler words were used, no 'bad stuff' is said and a moral lesson is presented.

How cool would it be for our grandsons to haul this out in 25 years and show it to their children, "This was written by your great grandfather and it's about me."

Of course, it was not all that simple.

The Buried Papers