Why I wrote this book
I did not know if I could write a children's book, but I did. The Buried Papers turned out well - at least in my opinion and those close to me.

When preparing to write that first in 2013, it occurred to me that there could be more than one book. What about a series? I better think this through before I start so the main story line would flow from one book to another. The stories could follow the boys as they grew up. The language could become more sophisticated and as the grandchildren's language skills grew and they would be ready to read then new book.

With this emerging vision, I thought and thought about what those cousins could reasonably get involved in and would be exciting. Eventually, I settled on "Indians." Here was something local, historical and interesting. Research was done and an overall theme developed. Of course, this continually changed as each story developed and as I learned more and more about the history of our Native Americans.

The book would track the Grandchildren as they learned about themselves and the Dakota culture and history in Minnesota.

The Lost Talisman