Three young cousins (ages 9, 10 and 11) have come into possession of a powerful Dakota Talisman. They learned a little about the talisman last year when it mystically transported them to a Dakota Indian Village in the year 1757.

Now they feel driven to return the talisman to the Dakota People but, are having a hard time finding out exactly where to return it and to whom.

Realizing they must enlist the power of the talisman once again, they are transported to the year 1670 and to another Dakota Village. This village is called Isanti and has been the home of the Dakota people for over 1000 years.

To be accepted by the Dakota they must be trained by an elder, who patiently teaches them the 12 virtues of the Dakota people through stories of the shape-shifter, Ikotome. Only then can they seek their own vision quests to learn the history of the talisman and return home to their own time.

Return of the Talisman